Audrey Feist

#1 . Shooting Guard

Nick Name: Audge

School: Boerne High School

High School Graduation Year: 2019

Basketball Awards: Newcomer of the Year 2016, Second Team All-District 2017

Family: Joe (dad), Loretta (mom), Joseph and Garrett (brothers), Emily and Laura (sisters)

Favorite family tradition: reciting movie quotes

Game day routine: sleep in if possible, eat a good breakfast, have a good warm up, drink lots of water

Favorite song: Paradise by Coldplay

Favorite hang out place: the river

Favorite Foods: fruit and Sour Patch Kids

One thing on your bucket list: Sky Dive

Do you have any pets? No

College Major: not sure yet

Who inspires you: my Great Grandma Beatrice

Favorite quote: “The world says if you are great everyone will serve you. God says if you are great you will serve everyone.” -Matthew Kelly