Practice. You talking about Practice.

by Sophia Young

Practice is such a overlooked and underrated expression these days. As a child growing up, l often heard that practice makes perfect and I have found that to be such a true statement. I mean, I knew I needed to do my homework in order to do well on a test (practice), I knew I needed to get out on the track to beat my biggest competitor (practice), I needed to frame my mindset to be a successful athlete (practice). So when we think about it, practice is something that we have to do in everyday life to be the best that we can be.
So when it comes to basketball, practice is of extreme importance, especially if you want to be good and get a scholarship. In a documentary of Michael Jordan (the greatest to ever play the game) he talked about practicing like it was a game so that when you get in the game, you wouldn’t be unsure of anything because you have already practiced it. How did Michael Jordan become the GREATEST, he practice, practice and practice some more. It is the practice of a skill that makes a person great.