Zoe Maurer

#24 . Forward

Nick Name:  ZoMo

SYE jersey number:  24

SYE Team color: Purple

School: Fredericksburg Middle School

High School Graduation Year: 2022

Basketball Awards: Player of tournament for purple April 1-2

Family: Melissa – mom   Jason – dad    Tyler – brother

Favorite family tradition: Parties for special events

Game day routine: nutritious breakfast, stretch, and listen to music

Favorite song: Come and See Me

Favorite hang out place: Clear river

Favorite Foods: Italian and Chinese

One thing on your bucket list: To travel to Africa and help kids out in need

Do you have any pets? Yes

College Major: I would like to become an orthopedist

Who inspires you: My older cousins who play basketball

Favorite quote: ” Stop being afraid of what could wrong, and think about what could go right.”